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Benefits for clients

  • Free entrance
  • Drink with one of our hostess only 15euro
  • Working hours: Daily from 22:00 until 04:00
  • Entertainment shows: Daily from 00:30 until 02:30
  • Parking lot : YES

Our Restaurant

Our restaurant is equipped with everything you need to spend evenings in maximum privacy with maximum fun, in our structure, once inside there is a bar, accompanied by ballroom complete with tables and sofas. the outside is a beautiful garden with paths and benches made that guarantee the maximum confidentiality. In the property there is ample parking.

The Garden

A great peculiarity of our structure is given by the garden, which is very wide at the center of which is a beautiful fountain, all mixed together by paths inside of which there are two altalente with tables.

Do you want to have some fun? Party with us in our  night club, with friends, you might have of beautiful sexy girl next door that animate the burning piles of our Night. Just an evening goliardica quirky and fun for parties on bachelor parties, birthdays, graduation parties or business! A request to organize a special room service menu and buffet with various performances customized for the birthday and the participants.

Why organize …
Those who work hard feel the need, during the appropriate times, to bring out the best. Each exercise this right in various ways. Organize a party for your friend and like magic you will spend unforgettable moments that will remain impressed for life.

We offer a youthful, elegant and refined. Olympus will assist you in your evenings in sensual striptease. The animation of our vocalist for a delightful entertainment while enjoying the company of our girls. I’olimpo is the ideal place to spend the night with our girls, to organize your events and theme for your additive to celibacy.
The Olympus Night Club al’interno a bar that does not disappoint, thanks to a rich selection of the best liquors and champagne. You can taste, fresh drinks. a garden complete with benches for pairs surrounded by total privacy and a structure albergiera. For more information see the appropriate area.



Some of our hostesses


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